A PR and another dream realized.

So to sum up my one year of running, I have completed my fair share of training runs, group runs, and also races. With all that I’ve done, I can also see now what I’ve not done.  I have not worried about my weight, my running form or my finish time. My only goal out of the “gate” with running was to finish. I only wanted to make sure that I got there. I wasn’t too worried about how I got there. I can easily admit that my attitude has recently changed.

With all of the training that I have logged, I now figure that it is time to start working on more than just getting there. Although I’ll be the first to admit that on tough days, just finishing is still more than enough for me. So, recently I have started to be more conscious of my pace and happily I can report that it is improving.

I haven’t run a 5k for myself in some time…. About 6 months in fact. By that I mean that I have run a few recently but they were to help my mom finish or the No Boundaries participants. While these experiences have been overwhelmingly gratifying, I decided that it was time to register and run a 5K for me.  I didn’t even know what I could do so this was long past due.

Recently my neighbor approached me about a new 5K that the Rensselaer County ARC was putting together.  I believe she said something like “I see you run a lot, do you do that? You know run? Do you want to do this 5K?”  It was pretty funny.  Anyway, for neighborly reasons and so I could see what I could do rather than phoning it in, I decided to register.  But because I run for distance and not time, I decided to recruit one of my faster running friends, J.  J comes out on runs with us and does the first 6 or 8 miles out of like 10 right along side us.  Then all of a sudden she manages to find and hit her turbo switch and she’s off.  We typically wave goodbye and say see ya later.  Anyway, I knew if anyone was going to push me and get me to the finish line the fastest it would be J.

So on Sunday, I picked up J, we wore our awesomest girly outfits complete with matching socks from Little Miss Mismatched.  We headed down to the ARC building in Lansingburgh to register and get R.E.A.D.Y.  It was a teeny tiny race.  We discussed the race before we took off.  We even wondered whether there was a chance that we could place due to the low number of registrants.  Even as we discussed it I had doubts about whether or not I could run it in less than 30 minutes.  It just seemed so impossible to me.  Even at my fastest on the path I typically run 10:15 miles.  But I have to remind myself that my pace on the path is typically designed to last me 10-15 miles.  My training partner, B, had told me that day before that I could easily break 30.  I hymned and hawed.  He followed up by saying that I could do anything for 30 minutes.  It’s only 30 minutes right?!

That statement echoed in my head for the entire 28:06 minutes that it took me to complete the 5K!  Thanks man, that was just the lift that I needed and turns out that those words of encouragement helped me to get it done.  It’s funny, now that it’s done, I’m not worried about when the next time is that I’ll run a 5K sub 30.  I’m just glad that I did it.  Who knew that I wanted that so badly?  Apparently I didn’t!  But thank you to J for running me in and to B for helping me get here.

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