Mohawk Hudson River Marathon – 2010

As you already know, I finished.  It was great.  It’s days later and I’m still basking in the afterglow.  I’m already looking ahead to the future to figure out when the next full marathon will be.  Yes, I said full marathon.  There will be half marathons in between, but I will definitely be doing another full marathon or two as part of my adventure.  But for now, let’s move on to the race recap.  I apologize if this gets lengthy and rambling.  It’s my first one so go easy.

We brought with us our own team photographer to document our journey!

The race started at 8:30 AM on 10/10/10 (great date!).  I believe it was 34 degrees at the start line.  It was cold!  This honestly was probably my biggest drama leading up to the start……. what to wear?  I’ve learned in my little bit of time participating in races, that it is a good idea to lay out your outfit the night before, actually to have done other long runs in it prior to race day too.  I did this.  But then it was cold.  Really cold.  So I had to make a few race day changes.  It wasn’t a huge deal, but I did not want to be freezing out there and I also didn’t want to be HOT since I was going to be going for so long.  In the end, we all opted for some warmer clothes with the ability to ditch them to our race crew (C-dizzle & Dear Hubbie) along the route.  What a help they were, but more on that later. We put on bibs, tied on chips and were ready to go.  There was a bit more hustling around at the start line than I expected.  I severely underestimate how many people will be at a race almost every single time.

The first 3.5 miles of the race were relatively uneventful.  We ran out of Central Park in Schenectady and headed towards Researchers Circle.  This is where we first met our race support crew.  The refilled any missing water and snapped shots of us.  (Good thing they got some early on.  Not all of the later ones are as flattering.)

A-sizzle, B-Rock Star & I …… looking good.  It’s early!

From here we headed to the Mohawk Hudson Bike Path.  The bulk of the marathon runs along the path from Schenectady to Albany.  It’s a gorgeous route.  If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend it.  Fortunately for us we live right here so it’s actually where we do most of our long runs.  So this race was like any given weekend for us.

Once we got on the path and headed down the hill we were sailing.  Until we hit Lyons Park.  That’s where both of my cohorts started to feel pain.  We continued on…….  they decided to work through what was minor pain at that point.  We weren’t even half way yet.

C-dizzle got some really great shots through the next sections of the course, so enjoy!

The bike path ends for around 5 miles between miles 17 -21.  We ran out on the streets of Cohoes & Watervliet.  This was fine other than the dumb driver who tried to run us down.

That’s the car! Also note the scooter man……. that’s how slow we were going!

By the time we got out on the streets in Watervliet it became apparent that I was the only one of the three of us who was running injury free.  We all toughed out those last 8 miles and we ALL FINISHED! That was the most important goal for our first marathon.  But I have to tell you how amazed I am by the human spirit after witnessing both of their triumphs.  They crossed that finish line is sheer agony, but …. they crossed it.  It says a lot to their character that they were able to push past the pain and hang in there mentally and finish the race.  I’m so proud of both of you!  All in all, even with the pain, it was a great day and we accomplished things that many people never even attempt to do.

It’s a course I will definitely run again and it was a perfect race day.  I think temperature at the finish line was like 62.  Perfect, perfect, perfect.  Congrats again and I look forward to completing our next marathon together.  We will be injury free and fantastic!!!

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