Why yes…… I am a Warrior

So this last Sunday, I participated in the coolest race ever, the Warrior Dash.  This year was the first year that they have had a Northeast location and it just so happens that it was conveniently located at Windham Mountain.  Getting to Windham from the Albany area only takes a little over an hour.  Perfect-o!

I heard about the Warrior Dash early in the year.  A co-worker of mine, L, mentioned it and sent me the info.  I have to admit that when she first told me about it I thought it was nuts.  Absolutely, no way!  Then I got further into my half-marathon training and thought, well I’m doing things now that I never thought I would do, what’s the difference.  I got to talking with my running pals and as it turns out most of them were already registered.  I decided that was it, I registered (for Sunday, Saturday was already sold out).  I convinced my running pal, E to sign up with me!  Yeah!!!!!!!

Well, Fall & September has finally arrived.  Along with it, the Warrior Dash!  E & I decided to meet at the dash since both of our big strong men would be spectating and driving us to and fro.  We arrived an hour before our wave….. with plenty of time to pick up our registration packets and spectate.  Oh yes, did I mention that there are prizes for best costume?  We opted for no costumes (silly move that we will certainly correct next time.)  We were just happy to be there……… and clean.

We took off at 10:00 AM on the dot.  We ran hiked/mountain-climbed to the top of Windham Mountain.  At this point we decided that we didn’t care what our pace was, rather we wanted to have fun without dying getting hurt.  There were several obstacles along the course.  Unfortunately, we didn’t think ahead to bring a disposable, waterproof camera (another mistake that we’ll fix next year) so we were unable to get photos of most of the earlier obstacles.  But we swam through a mud bog, scaled wooden walls, crawled through tubes, walked across planks and more without any spectators.  You can check out the map of obstacles if you’re interested.

Near the end we slide down a giant slip & slide ………. hurdled fire………..

And then crawled through mud…………………

All to get to the finish line!

Me & E at the finish!

So for all who ask……. it was hard, it was muddy, and it was the very best race that I’ve every participated in during my short-lived racing career.  My time was horrible, but with a marathon just three short weeks away, I really didn’t want to risk injury.  I will absolutely be participating in any event similar to this every chance that I can in the future.  Totally worth it, TOTALLY COOL!  And………


Wearing my prize hat, post 2 showers!

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