Running in Rhode Island

I have to say that it’s strange to be excited to exercise (run) on vacation.  Previously all I wanted to do on vacation was eat great food, drink good beer/wine and relax.  Now I get excited to look for new places to run!  Again with the 180 in life.

We booked our family vacation to Newport, Rhode Island all the way back in May.  With my job it’s difficult to take off time during the summer, so we’ve been anxiously awaiting this vacation for the last four months.  AHHHHHHHHHH!  Fortunately, it finally got here.  In our planning everything, of course I pulled up Map My Run and scoped out what runs there might be in the local area.  Immediately I stumbled upon information about the Cliff Walk.  I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to find it, etc, etc, etc.  More on that later.

We arrived on Saturday and since then I have seen so many people running.  I’m wondering if the ocean air just dictates that you have to go running?  Even tonight, when we left dinner at 7:45 PM …… still people running.  It may be that the scenery is just that great that you might as well get out there and see it via running.

This afternoon I decided that I could put it off no longer. I mean, we’re two blocks from the beach, the cliff walk is just up at the end of the beach and my goodness are there houses to see.  I have never seen so many cedar shingles in my life.  (My little ode to my hubbie and his new job, selling cedar shingles.)

I headed out the door while the boys went to the beach to build sand castles.  I was planning to do a quick 3 mile run.  I ran down to the end of a dead-end road, scoped out the houses for sale turned around, waved to the boys as they played at Easton Beach and decided to run to the other end of the beach.

When I got to the other end of Easton Beach, I had a great view and was literally at the entrance to the Cliff Walk.

While not intending to run the Cliff Walk today, I was intrigued to check it out.  I decided I would head just 1/2 mile down the path, which by the time I headed back would bring me to a total of 4 miles for today’s run.  I figured why not.  Below are some of the photos that I stopped to take.

I didn’t see a ton tonight, so trust me when I’ll say that I’ll be back and I’ll run the whole thing.  Supposedly it passes through 65 private properties.  So get ready property…….. I’ll see you tomorrow.  And in the mean time, Rhode Island leaves me inspired to run while on vacation.  🙂

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