Labor Day Weekend Camping Trip & Run

Our labor day weekend was spent “camping” with my family in Indian Lake, NY.  We camp at a hunting camp that has been in the family (shared along with other families) for many year.  My grandfather was one of the original crazies who drove a bus from Spencer, NY to Indian Lake and parked it up in the woods to go hunting.  I don’t know much about the bus although I’ve heard many a story over the years.  The stories are often induced around the campfire by cocktails so many of them tend to blend together and overlap and I’d hate to get the details wrong.  So I’ll skip all of that!

I’ve been heading to camp my entire childhood and it’s a rekindled love of mine now that I have a child to share it with.  Being at camp is about being in the woods and hanging out with nature.  There is no running water, no electricity and best of all no tv.  Just lots of good time with family, friends, nature and dirt!  We tend to eat, drink, hike and rewind.  For the first time, I also decided that I was going to run while we were there.  So, late Saturday afternoon, Georgia and I set out down the hill (it’s a rough 1 mile trail the requires 4 wheel drive) in the Jeep so we could get a run in.

Georgia and I have tried running together several times and it never quite goes like it should.  I get frustrated and she gets tired.  Apparently we’ve been going after it all wrong.  We borrowed Gator’s harness and that really seemed to help.  It was in the mid-50’s when we set out and I had no expectations of going fast, just wanted to enjoy the cool mountain air and the scenery.  From the minute we got out of the Jeep and pushed go on the Garmin, things just clicked.

Things just worked for us.  We ran a quick 3 miles.  Georgia was able to be unclipped and run off-leash for almost half of the run.  She never strayed from my side, not even when I saw the deer.  We encountered zero traffic and only one other person.  If only we had some place like this to run at home.  We were completely in sync and I even ditched my music to enjoy the calmness of it all.  This is a run we’ll definitely do again.  Happy Labor Day weekend every one.

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