My First Run-iversary

So this is a silly post, but I was going back through my running log the other day and I appears as though today is my one year run-iversary.  Well not my run-iversary per say, but it is for when I started actually tracking what I was doing.  One year ago today, I decided to change my life.  And boy oh boy has it changed…. entirely!  I went from barely being able to run 1/2 mile to my longest run to date of 18 miles.  I now run in the snow, the rain, the blazing heat and the deepest dark of the early morning.

But more than that ….. I now run for me.  My mantra is always that it’s cheaper than therapy.  When I get out there and pound the pavement, whether it’s alone or with other people, I feel a sense of clarity, accomplishment and peace that I’m unable to achieve otherwise.  I run because I’m important and I owe it to myself to be the best person, mom and wife that I can be.  I run because I can…………… Happy Run-iversary!

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