Brand New Adventure…… Brand New Dream!

So this is a brand new adventure and a brand new “dream.”  I started running almost 1 year ago.  I started basically because I needed to get in shape.  I had a toddler who was  one and half years old and I was still carrying around those 5 extra pounds of baby weight that I had put on, not to mention the extra pounds that I had just been carrying before I got pregnant.  Anyway, long story short, I fell in love.  Well sort of …….. those of you who run know that it’s more of a love/hate relationship.

I ended up signing up to train for the Lake Placid Half Marathon with Team in Training.  I did it and it was wonderful.  It was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life.  I would recommend it to anyone who is relatively new to running who has a desire to go further, but doesn’t know how to get there.  The TNT folks are absolutely wonderful!  Along the way I met some really great new running friends both through TNT and just through running on the trail.

Upon returning from Lake Placid, I immediately headed back out to the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Path.  I had already signed up for the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon.  One of my running partners, B, was signed up for the Mohawk Hudson River Marathon.  He started trying to convince myself and others that we should go ahead and train for the full marathon.  Well everyone else kept their heads about them, but me!  I was quickly swayed and sent in my transfer request to switch from the half marathon to the full marathon.

My name quickly was added to the roster for the 10/10/10 marathon.  The first time I saw it I felt kind of sick to my stomach and excited all at the same time.  Since then B and I have been training.  I’m not sure if we’re crazy or not but we’re training.  This is my adventure  and apparently, my new found dream.  Here goes!

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